French furniture- 8 pieces

Mar 04, 2018. 01:45 UTC
French furniture- 8 pieces
New Zealand


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Mahagony wood inside and outside is cream painted wood.Wardrobe height 2m( plus 20 cm of ornaments);length 1.90cm wide 60cm. It is combination of mahagoni and White wood.Dresser:length 1m.90cm width 0.60cm hight 2 m( 2.10 with ornaments) bed: length 2m 10cm width 1m88cm hight 1m55cm by head and 0.95cm by legs mirror length 1m width 0.50cm hight 1m85cm little table length 0.80cm width 0.45cm hight 0.78cm resting bed-rekamie length 1m 90cm width 0.77cm hight 0.67cm half oval chair for mirror width 0.60cm hight 0.78cm 2 little chairs- each width 0.43cm hight 0.90cm


No exebition -bought from previous owner from whom we bought apartment in Belgrade-Serbia

Answered within about 1 month
Apr 10, 14:15 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace

Fair Market Value

$3,800 - $5,000 AUD

Insurance Value

$8,800 AUD
What does this mean?

Dear Slobodan,

Thank you for reaching out to Mearto regarding your French suite of furniture however your images did not load, do you mind reloading these at your convenience?

I look forward to assisting you at that time.



Erin-marie wallace Apr 11, 12:03 UTC

Thank you Slobodan, I have received your images and will be abe to complete your evaluation.



Erin-marie wallace Apr 11, 18:57 UTC

Dear Slobodan,

This set is quite stunning and it is unusual (though not unheard of) to see such a large grouping still together. I see that your suite has had a modification to the wardrobe and the fainting couch appears to have been recovered, these will affect the value, but because the suite is so elegant, just a smidgen. Once or twice a year French, painted bedroom suites possessing eight or more components are offered and sold at auction, if yours were one of these, I'd expect it to sell in the range of $3800AUD to $5000AUD.

If you have any follow-up questions, I am at your service.

Kindest Regards,


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