Whether you need to buy, brag, insure or sell your valuable items, you need to answer one simple question first - what is it worth?
Johan Laidlaw Co-Founder & CTO

Ever wondered what your old Chinese vase is worth? How much you could sell your painting for? Is the story you tell about your collection in touch with reality? Or is the vintage design chair you inherited from your granddad properly insured? Whether you need to buy, sell, insure or brag about your valuable items, you need to answer one simple question first - what is it worth?

Mearto is on a mission to help you find the value of your art, antiques and unique items.

We provide online valuations in many different categories including; antiques, art, jewelry, watches and collectibles. Learn more about our appraisal service and submit your item here within 48 hours for $15 (USD).

Understanding the value of your treasures has never been easier.

Mads Hallas Co-Founder & CEO

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We aim to be a place where everyone can learn and help each other understand the valuing of antiques and art. We do this by sharing appraisals with our community. It means that others can learn from the appraisals and follow categories of special interest while enjoying the stories behind the pieces. Mearto is a treasure trove of interesting items with fascinating stories.

You can browse a fast and simple Auction Results Database. The database contains millions of auction results, provides statistics and insights which you can use to do your own valuations. You can also view price development for identified artists and brands and get an overview of what an item is worth. It is a helpful tool to use before you buy or sell valuable items. We offer a 30 day free trial. Try the auction results database here

Collectors from more than 100 countries have used our service to find the value of their items.


Mearto is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With investments from SEED Capital, Bumbleventures, Seier Capital and the Danish Innovation fund we are working to become the largest online valuation platform for arts, antiques and collectibles. Co-founded by Johan Laidlaw and Mads Hallas who are both fascinated by the stories and beauty behind many of these priceless treasures that people collect, own or inherit. From a solid understanding of technology, digital media, and data science, Johan and Mads, aim to make online valuations effortless and increase transparency in the art and antiques market for the general public.