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How to Start an Art Collection Without Having to Spend a Fortune, According to an Industry Expert

Having a bottomless expense account is no longer a prerequisite for collecting art. The market has shifted to capture budding buyers (hello, millennials and gen Z-ers!) by offering quality pieces at affordable prices... READ MORE

Private collectors using online appraisal platform to get multiple estimates from top auction houses

Ever wondered what your old chinese vase is worth? Or that vintage design chair you have inherited from you granddad? To get your item appraised from a leading auction house can feel intimidating and at times cumbersome. Mearto.com, a new appraisal... READ MORE

Comparative Analysis: A New First Step in the Art Authentication Process

The history of art forgery is nearly as ancient as the history of art. Roman sculptors frequently passed off their works as made by earlier Greek artists. Even the great Michelangelo falsely aged a sculpture to make it appear older and... READ MORE

Cash in the attic: Watch out as old items might be worth more than you think

Jewellery, paintings, watches, antiques, ornaments, furniture and even old postcards, comic books or toys could be worth more than you think, so check if you have cash in your attic or garage. Mads Hallas Bjerg, founder of online art appraisal... READ MORE

What’s it Worth?

What’s it worth? A question I get asked at least 10 times a week. That’s also a loaded question. What’s it worth to me? What’s it worth on today’s market? What’s it worth at auction? Each have very different answers. There are a lot of factors... READ MORE

Unlock cash in your attic with our expert tips — plus find out how to win £5K

A new report found that one in five households owns antique furniture worth over £1,000, while a quarter have at least one painting worth over £500. But most of us are unaware of the value of our old stuff, meaning we’re either... READ MORE

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