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Militaria 19 Jan, 2021
Winchester poster, letter and promotional kit 1950’s
I’ve been doing research to find reputable appraisers and to look for someone that could give me an idea about a really rare advertising kit from Winchester that they sent to their dealers in 1950 to coincide with the release of the movie ‘Winchester 73’. Here’s the neat part, I have the complete set of paperwork (2 page letter from Winchester, the WANTED poster for 1 of 1,000 promotion, the Window Streamer (poster - the only one that we’ve found in existence is in the Winchester Archives) and the original shipping tube that all this was sent in to the dealer. From the time this was shipped to dealers in 1950, this never saw the light of day until I opened the tube for the first time in 2010. I have a feeling this is incredibly rare, and to the right collector could be almost priceless since this 1 of 1,000 Winchester 73’s sell for incredible sums of money. I am curious as to how we would obtain an appraisal and what your process is to value it. First and foremost I need to get an insurance value so I can get this insured, and secondly we may be interested in selling as well. Main window poster is 44” x 15” Wanted poster is 14” x 17” I know these are all original and authentic because I found them in a build I purchased a decade ago, and they were still in their original mailing tube with the letter from Winchester explaining how to promote gun sales with the release of the movie.
Estimate: $80 - $200
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