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A dresser is an important piece of furniture in every home. It is built to store your personal items such as your clothing or toiletries. Many antique dressers with mirrors are also popular.

But... Did you know that the oldest history of the use of dressers goes back to the earlier centuries? In fact, antique dressers are a prized item for avid antique collectors. Aside from collectors, homeowners also seek antique dressers because they are highly functional pieces that can double as an aesthetic piece.
You can learn more about antique dressers, antique dressers value and how they are appraised. When you educate yourself, you will be in a much better position to assess its actual market value, if you decide to sell your antique items.

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Types of Antique Dressers

Queen Anne: This is a type of antique dresser that was prominent in the early 18th century. Its style is best known for having multiple curves, graceful frame, and scalloped carvings. You will find Queen Anne dressers made with different types of wood such as oak, mahogany, and maple.
Art Deco: This is one of the most popular and sought-after styles of antique dressers. They were especially popular in the early 1900s. The Art Deco design originated in Paris and incorporated geometric shapes into its design. Hence, Art Deco antique dressers are known for its bold designs.
Chippendale: This style of antique dresser was named after the popular cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale. One of the key features introduced by the famous cabinet maker is a portable mirror placed on top of the table. It also features ornate carvings, curved legs, and two sets of drawers.
Victorian: Victorian furniture is best known for its elaborate designs. Hence, you can expect the same with antique Victorian dressers. Other notable features include rich upholstery and intricate carvings. Even the legs of antique Victorian dressers have lavish carvings in them.

How to Choose a Style

The style of the antique dresser is different from the type. The style refers to the individual features of the dresser itself rather than the distinctive design approach of its maker.
One of the distinctive aspects of the dresser style is the presence (or absence) of glass or mirror. The decision to add the glass or not is based on preference. For practicality sake, some would prefer the glass so the objects inside the dresser are visible without the need to open it.
The style of the door in the antique dresser is another feature that establishes a distinction. Other factors that determine the style of antique dresser include a chest of drawer, doorknob, and frame.

Does it have a signature?

Antique cabinet makers like to leave their signature into their design. This is also known as the maker’s mark. This is a highly important feature for serious antique collectors. Knowing that a particular piece of furniture was made by a famous furniture maker will cause its value in the market to go up!
To check for a signature, you need to do a thorough inspection of the furniture itself. The location of the signature or mark will vary. Hence, it is important to check the back, bottom, or sides. The type of signature will also vary, on top of its position. Some signature are carved or engraved, while the others are printed via ink.
When you find the signature, you need to consult with an expert. It is also recommended that you obtain documentation for the antique item. The mark must be verified and authenticated first. The expert appraiser can give you a written current value for the item that can be used for selling your antique item.

What makes antique dressers valuable?

Antique dressers are one of the most collected items among antique furniture pieces. They can be used for display purposes or for their functional purpose, which is to store personal items. The style value that it adds to your home is one of the reasons why it is highly valued. If you are trying to sell them and get a good price, you need to authenticate them to ensure that they are truly antique.
The age of the antique dresser is the number one factor that appraisers need to know when valuing an item. Antique isn’t just about being old; you need to determine exactly from which period the dresser was manufactured from. This will enable you to determine the closest possible value for the antique item. An antique dresser made in the 16th century will be priced differently than ones made in the 18th century.
The material is also important in knowing its appraised value. Majority of antique dressers are made of wood. Therefore, the value will vary according to what type of wood was used. Antique dresses made with oak or cherry are the most expensive kind. You can also find antique dresses made with metal fittings, gold, or brass.
The level of craftsmanship in antique cabinets and other antique furniture can add to its value. The specific type of design is therefore looked into during appraisal. The type of design can showcase the craftsmanship and skill of its maker. When it is in good condition, too, the prices can really go up.

Why get antique dresser appraised?

Getting your antique dresser appraised is a must, especially if you intend to sell it. The appraiser is someone who has the expertise and experience in evaluating antique furniture. Therefore, they know what to look for in an antique dresser that would determine its value. They can also analyze the authenticity of the antique items that would be helpful so you can get the maximum price for the said item.

Where can you get antique dresser valued?

There are several places to get your antique dresser appraised online. It is important to verify them to ensure that you can get an honest appraisal for your antique item. Only get your items appraised from trusted appraisers online.
To ensure honest and expert appraisal, Mearto is a good place to go. We have a team of expert appraisers that specialize in antique furniture that can determine the value of your items.

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