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paintings 16 Jun
Ivar broon painting
This is an Original vintage painting by the artist Ivar Bruun. Ivar Bruun, 1929-2003, was a Mid Century Modern Impressionist artist from Norway but also painted in the USA. His artwork was known for his 3 dimensional style of painting. His work became known as Ivarism. The frame measures 37" x 67" , the canvas measures 30" x 60" The canvas is signed on the lower right front of the painting. Ivar was living in Hawaii on the island of Oahu when he painted this masterpiece. This was in the early 1980s . At this time Ivar had his own art gallery located in a very famous, shopping place, in Waikiki named the Kuhio Mall on Kuhio Ave, that is adjoined to the International market place, in Waikiki on Kalakaua Blvd . His gallery only showed his original paintings and work. I know the gallery very well ,because my father worked , for Ivar running his gallery and selling his paintings. The painting I have listed was originally purchased by a bank in Waikiki named Central Pacific Bank; located on the first floor in the Hyatt Regency on Kalakaua Blvd. If you look at the photos I posted closely you will notice the frame has a small hole on each side, because it was mounted to the wall in the bank. Central Pacific Bank later on in the near future donated the painting to the Good Will. I was then very fortunate and blessed to find this painting some 30 or more years ago in the Goodwill store, when I was shopping for my vinyl record collection. When I saw the painting I couldn't believe my eyes, if it wasn't for my dad working for Ivar, I would have never purchased the painting not knowing of the value. So I purchased the painting ,and have cherished it and held onto it ever since. The size of this painting is rare due to the huge size of it. I have not been able to find any Ivar paintings of this size anywhere online. I actually really don't want to sell it, but im moving to japan and cant bring it with me. The paintings 3d effects and the thickness of the paint is incredible. When my father was selling this style of Ivars work, he would take people in the show room, and adjust the lighting to all different settings for visual enhancement. This style of Ivars, painting talent makes the painting look alive changing with the light throughout the day. His work is amazing. It gives you a feeling that its not just one painting , but allot of paintings in one. The painting is in very good condition. Thankyou very much for showing interest in this painting . I wish you all a blessed day.And to the fortunate person who will be blessed after purchasing this great piece of art.
Estimate: $400 - $800
That odd looking vase you got from your grandmother can be worth more than you think.
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Est: $2,000 - $3,000 Sold for: $4,375
Wow! Thank you! The history provided was so interesting! I will definitely be sending you more items for appraisal! -Tania, Ottawa, Canada
Thank you very much for your time and appraisal. -Geri, US
I like you efficiency and your easy system to get appraisals and eventually sell fine antique furniture -Rosemarie, PE
Efficient system of submitting and speedy response, good help from staff. -Mohd, MY

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