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Specialist at Mearto since 2018

"It is truly a pleasure to utilize my skills and experience as an appraiser and have the opportunity to interact with so many collectors of high-quality art and antiques on a daily basis. Since I began my career in online appraisals with Auctionata and Paddle8 several years ago, I've been consistently impressed with the ways that new technology allow specialists like myself to appraise items more efficiently. These days, Mearto is leading the way and setting higher industry standards for accuracy and transparency."

- Georg

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At Mearto, We Believe Appraisals Should Be Accessible to Everyone.

Mearto provides transparent pricing and transparent appraisals.

Our team of specialists have worked for some of the largest auction houses in the world and are ready to appraise your items today.

That odd looking vase you got from your grandmother can be worth more than you think.

Est: $2,000 - $3,000 Sold for: $4,375

Why Mearto

Save time
It takes 5 minutes to describe your item. We will notify you when the appraisal is ready.
All our appraisals are done by specialists with many years of experience.
Transparent pricing
One appraisal for $19 and you receive your appraisal within 48 hours on weekdays.
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Connecting Private Sellers with Auction Houses

We have helped thousands of people connect with relevant auction houses and dealers to consign their items. We have made it easy for our customers to find the right auction house and we have built a sophisticated tool to let our partner auction houses find the items they know they can sell. It's a win-win for both the private seller and the auction houses

Why should I get my item appraised?

There are many reasons why you might want to know how much your art or antiques are worth… from simply satisfying your curiosity to having information valuable for a variety of tax and insurance purposes. However, at Mearto, our focus is on providing online appraisals to help people sell their items.

Knowing the fair market value of the item that you want to sell can help you negotiate better terms with auction houses. Also, our partners prefer to receive leads for consignment that have already been researched, evaluated and qualified by an expert. Purchasing an online appraisal from Mearto usually results in more consignment offers from our partners.

What is included in an online appraisal?

Our online appraisal includes a price range - a minimum and maximum estimate - based on the fair market value, or what you could reasonably expect to sell your item for at auction. We get this range by analyzing recent auction results for comparable items. We also explain how we arrived at the estimated value and provide some background information about your item.

How does it work?

All you have to do is submit some images and information about your item, using our easy online form. Please be as detailed as possible in your description and when providing the provenance, or ownership and exhibition history, of the item. Once you’ve submitted an item to us, a specialist reviews it and responds within 48 hours.

Can I get a certificate from Mearto to prove the value of my item?

Sure! Once your appraisal is complete, it can be downloaded as a PDF, so you can save, print and share it however you'd like.

How much does online appraisal cost?

We charge $19 per item for a standard online appraisal which you receive within 48 hours of purchase, but you get a discount if you have multiple items.

What if I need the get my appraisal faster?

No problem! We can do an online appraisal in 24 hours for a small additional fee.

Does Mearto offer appraisals for estate and tag sales?

Yes! If you are preparing for an estate or tag sale, or if you have more than 10 items that you would like to have appraised, please contact us [email protected] directly to learn more about special pricing and a unique VIP consignment-matching service that we offer.

What kind of items does Mearto appraise?

The short answer? Just about everything! Fine and decorative art, antiques, collectibles… if you can sell it at auction, we can appraise it. For a list of our most popular categories, please click here.

You can also review our more commonly appraised artists and brands.

What qualifications do your specialists have?

Our specialists are the best in the business and have a cumulative 20 years of experience working in the auction industry. Many of our specialists worked for leading auction houses around the globe, such as Bonham's, Sotheby's and Christie's.

Can I see some appraisal examples?

Absolutely! To view some of the items that our customers have chosen to make public, please click here.

What does it mean when an appraisal is marked "conditional?"

Because we provide online appraisals in 48 hours or less, we are not able to verify the authenticity of every item that we evaluate. When an appraisal is marked "conditional," the value is what the item would be worth if we assume that it is authentic.

Can Mearto authenticate my item?

Yes! We offer a wide range of additional services, from comparative and provenance research to scientific analysis, that allow our specialists to authenticate and verify the value of your item. Read more about this service here

Can you help me sell my item?

Of course! We can connect you with several auction house partners that may be interested in taking your item on consignment. This saves you time - no need to contact auction houses one-by-one - and our specialist can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the consignment process. To learn more, please visit our consign section or get in touch [email protected]

Can I keep the details of my item and appraisal private?

We take matters of confidentiality seriously and only share information about your item with the public and with our auction house partners when we have your explicit permission to do so. We are also happy to process anonymous requests. We need only an email address to let you know when your appraisal is complete!

Who is behind Mearto

A team of specialists and account managers keep the wheels turning at Mearto. We've all been active in the art market for many years and most of us have worked for a major auction house at some point in our careers. Our people are from all around the world, but the idea for Mearto was born in Denmark, where our two founders were born and raised with a shared passion for collecting.

Mads Hallas
CEO & Co-Founder
As a child, Mads loved to look for old and rare coins. He spent hours poring over coin books and searching for hidden treasures.
Johan Laidlaw
CTO & Co-Founder
Young Johan was obsessed with Donald Duck comics and you're still likely to find him digging through bins of old comics at his local flea market.