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How can I tell if my work of art is an original?

Some estimate that nearly 50% of all the artwork on the market is either fake or misattributed. How can you be sure that your drawing, painting or print is the real deal? If you’ve inherited, purchased or would like to purchase a work of art and believe, because you’ve been told or because it has a signature, that it was created by a specific artist, you should consider having it authenticated by our team of specialists.

How does Mearto authenticate art?

We follow a three-step process that includes the most common methods for art authentication: comparative analysis, provenance research and scientific analysis. is most cases, we are able to eliminate fakes and misattributions in the first step, comparative analysis. However, all three steps are usually required to properly authenticate a work of art.

Comparative Analysis

comparative analysis art authentication

A side-by-side comparasion of your work of art to others that have been positively attributed to the artist in question. We form a proffessinal option based on careful consideration of many factors related to the artist's documented technique and stylistic preferences.

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Provenance Research

Provenance research art authentication

The important task of tracing your work of art all the way back to the artist who created it. We search the world’s top libraries and archives to fill in the missing pieces of your artwork’s history with records of sale and exhibition, legal documents and old photographs.

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scientific analysis art authentication

The use of special technology to look beneath the surface of a work of art and study the materials that were used to create it. We look for attribution clues with the aid of advanced imaging, and can accurately date a work of art by testing pigment and other material samples.

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Head of Authentication Services

I believe that our authentication products are valuable not only to our customers, but also to the wider art market. My passion for this type of research was born early in my career, when I gained the experience of writing over 100 comparative analysis reports for collectors around the world. I've since had the opportunity to work alongside many industry leaders.

Does Mearto need to see the artwork in person to authenticate it?

For the first two steps, comparative analysis and provenance research , we can work from photographs and the information that you provide through our online form. For the third and final step scientific analysis. , an in-person physical inspection of the artwork is necessary.

How much does authentication cost?

Because no two works of art are the same, the authentication process and its associated fees vary. We don’t have fixed prices, which allows us to be flexible and find a solution that works for your budget. To get a personalized quote, please submit at least one high-resolution image of your artwork, along with some information about its known provenance and how it was acquired, with our easy-to-use online form or by email at: [email protected]

Which artists does Mearto authenticate?

Mearto can authenticate any work of art from the secondary market with a minimum estimated value of $1,000 or more. We examine paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and some works of decorative art. We have experience with hundreds of artists, from household names like Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso to the more obscure, across nearly every genre and from all over the world.

Note: If the creator of your artwork does not appear in our online form, please send an inquiry by email to [email protected]

Does Mearto offer a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?

If our team of specialists is confident in the authenticity of your artwork, we will issue a one-page document, or “certificate,” as evidence of our professional opinion. This document cannot be purchased, is not a warranty or guarantee of authenticity and is issued at our sole discretion, based on our research results. To learn more about the difference between our certificate and a Certificate of Authenticity, please click here.

Certificate of authenticity

Do major auction houses and galleries accept Mearto’s opinion of authenticity?

We work very closely with a number of leading galleries and auction houses, and can say that our reports do increase confidence in the authenticity of your artwork. However, we cannot guarantee that their in-house specialists would not want to perform their own authentication research prior to making a consignment decision.

Can I have a work of art appraised by Mearto without purchasing an authentication product?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend that you start with a conditional appraisal , so you know how much your work of art could be worth before investing your time and money into the authentication process. Our specialists can determine the fair market value of your artwork (on condition of authenticity) within 48 hours for just $19.

Can Mearto tell me who created my artwork?

If your work of art is not signed, or if you are not sure who created it, we may be able to provide an attribution. Please send at least one high-resolution image of your artwork, along with some information about its known provenance and how it was acquired, to [email protected]

We will review your submission, then present research options and pricing if an attribution is possible.