Verify the value.

Verify the value.

Know how much your work of art is really worth with an authentication report from our experienced art research team.

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How does it work and how much does it cost?

Because no two works of art are the same, the authentication process and its associated fees vary. We don’t have fixed prices, which allows us to be flexible and find a solution that works for your budget.

To get a personalized quote, please submit at least two high-resolution images (front and back) of your artwork, along with some information about its known provenance and how it was acquired, with our easy-to-use online form.

Get started

Typically within 48 hours, you’ll receive information and a proposal from one of our authentication research specialists. This proposal may include a combination of the important techniques, commonly used for art authentication.

Our Techniques

Comparative Analysis

A side-by-side comparison of your work of art to others that have been positively attributed to the artist in question. We form a professional option based on careful consideration of many factors related to the artist's documented technique and stylistic preferences.

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Provenance Research

The important task of tracing your work of art all the way back to the artist who created it. We search the world’s top libraries and archives to fill in the missing pieces of your artwork’s history with records of sale and exhibition, legal documents and old photographs.

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Scientific Analysis

The use of special technology to look beneath the surface of a work of art and study the materials that were used to create it. We look for attribution clues with the aid of advanced imaging, and can accurately date a work of art by testing pigment and other material samples.

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Check out what our customers say:

I am so happy to have found Mearto. Their team of seasoned professionals provide a wealth of knowledge in tandem with excellent customer care. They provided an expert valuation and advised me sell a painting that I purchased for just $10 at an estate sale for nearly $1,000 on eBay. I have used them on several occasions and have been extremely pleased every time.

Mearto provides exceptional service at an exceptional price!

Robin J. Wells

Chattanooga, TN, USA

I used the Mearto authentication service to develop a history of a family owned piece with little to no provenance, except being owned by my family for 65 years. They came back with a 20 page extensive report and included a full page bibliography for reference. The “Stylistic Observations” section of the report was most enlightening comparing my piece to the original, which was on public display in the 1940’s.

I’m very happy with the results!

Robert Cannity

Very polite and professional services that they provide, my appraisal involved looking into an oil painting by an artist whose work is over 400 years old. Not only did they write about the artist but also where he was from and where he was born and most importantly the value, I'm impressed. (worth every penny).

I will always use Mearto for future appraisals.

Marco Watkinson

Brighton and Hove, UK

The authentication report we received from Mearto was very well researched and written, as well as detailed and comprehensive. From an examination of the artist's signature to a discussion of the figural representations in the work, Mearto's art specialists took the time to explain in non-technical terms their findings. Professional, responsive, and kind are just a few words to describe their communication throughout the process-- definitely money well spent!

Gabino V.

Washington, DC, USA

We needed a watch appraised and I found this website via Google. Having never doing this before, I was hesitant to submit a payment before receiving any information, I'm glad I did. David was very helpful and patient addressing my questions, and explaining the process. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. Should I have another opportunity, I would not hesitate to contact Mearto again.

Bobbie Hrycushko



What is the difference between an appraisal and authentication?

An appraisal is the estimate of an item's value. Authentication is an in-depth investigative research process used to determine whether an artwork's attribution (who made it) is accurate.

Can I have a work of art appraised online by Mearto without purchasing an authentication product?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend that you start with a conditional valuation , so you know how much your work of art could be worth before investing time and money into the authentication process. Our specialists can determine the fair market value of your artwork (on condition of authenticity) within 48 hours for just $25.

Does Mearto need to see the artwork in person to authenticate it?

For the first two steps, comparative analysis and provenance research, we can work from photographs and the information that you provide through our online form. For the third and final step scientific analysis, an in-person physical inspection of the artwork is necessary.

Which artists does Mearto authenticate?

Mearto can authenticate any work of art from the secondary market with a minimum estimated value of $1,000 or more. We examine paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and some works of decorative art. We have experience with hundreds of artists, from household names like Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso to the more obscure, across nearly every genre and from all over the world. If the artist you are looking for does not appear in our online form, please send an inquiry by email to [email protected]