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Looks like Ink on paper, but not sure of the medium. Size is 11”x8” and looks to be in original frame.


I purchased from an auction as part of a lot. It seems to have been purchased from an antique store many years ago in Köln Germany

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Jun 22, 17:34 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace

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$20 - $50 USD

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$70 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Evan,

Thank you for calling upon the experts at Mearto. This is an early 19th century engraving, which would have been included in a publication or folio. The title is obscured by the edge of the glass, but if you can upload a clear image of it outside of the frame, I'm happy to re-asses it.

The engraving has been hand-colored and then framed, a common occurrence at this time. It is possible that the A. Bruckner you see is referring to the Austrian composer of the same time period, although if so, this image takes some liberties with his physical characteristics.

Similar 19th century hand-colored engraving sell at auction in the range of $20USD - $50USD. If you have any follow-up questions, do let me know and thank you for submitting images of this piece.



Evan stewart Jun 22, 19:01 UTC

Erin Marie,

The title reads, “Fünftes Extrabunfen”. Do you know what publication it was taken from or the originator? I will post another picture.

Evan stewart Jun 22, 19:16 UTC

Anton Brückner (the composer) was only 15 years old in the year 1839 when this litho is dated. Is this piece really 179 yrs old?

Erin-marie wallace Jun 28, 13:20 UTC

Dear Evan,

The easy answer to your question is that yes, this piece really is that old and this is what fashionable ladies and gentlemen would have sported at that time. The frame isn't as old as the print. At some point in its life the margins were trimmed so that it would into the frame. The title (thank you), 'Fünftes Extrabunfen' translates to Fifth Extra Tune. I'm thinking that this is a play on words, perhaps the fifth girl represents the 'fifth wheel', a chaperone for a planned double date.

Rather than the composer, this is A. Bruckner, the engraver (please note that with the additional info provided, I've updated this as an engraving rather than lithograph). Here is one of his works in the collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O576539/le-voleur-fashion-plate-bruckner-a/



Evan stewart Jun 28, 13:57 UTC

Thank you, is there any change in value?

Erin-marie wallace Jun 28, 13:59 UTC

Sorry Evan - No change in value, these were printed en masse and even in the best condition are still usually under $100USD for all but the best and most unusual examples, but thank you for your submission.

Kindest Regards,


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