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Drawings is a broad category that usually encompasses artworks using media such as pen and ink, chalk, metalpoint, watercolor and gouache, executed primarily on paper but also sometimes on vellum. Styles and subject matter vary enormously, ranging from figural compositions, purely abstract designs, and landscape watercolors or natural history illustrations to name a few.

Determining the value for a drawing is similar to the process for painting, where the artist, provenance, or the history of ownership, and condition are primary factors.

Drawings executed by Old Master artists from the 15th to roughly 19th centuries tend to have a higher value and tend to sell well at auction. Composition and figure scenes by Renaissance masters like Michelangelo are particularly valuable. Also, watercolor landscapes by British artists like Constable and Turner are also quite popular.

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In terms of Contemporary works on paper, ink and calligraphic drawings from Chinese and Japanese artists are also quite sought-after currently and can have an increased value, depending on the artist.

When establishing the value for a drawing, the condition can become an essential factor. Older drawings should exhibit minimal staining, foxing, and creasing, and the overall condition should be commensurate with its age. More modern and contemporary pieces should have vibrant, clear images with minimal previous conservation.

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