Dines carlsen vase with flowers,...

Aug 25, 2017. 02:28 UTC
Dines Carlsen vase with flowers,...
United States of America


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Dines Carlsen vase with flowers, oil on board (board is slightly warped), 15" x 20" (estimate)


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The specialist needs more information
Answered within about 1 month
Sep 25, 21:01 UTC
By Merlyn Haunstrup-Clemmensen

Dear collector,
Dines Carlsen was a famous painter, born in 1901-1966. If the painting is original the is 6000USD but we are serious in doubt that it is original. We recommend you to contact an expert who can examen it in person. we are sorry we cannot help you further.

Winston johnson Sep 30, 13:19 UTC

Question: why are you in serious doubt this painting may not be an original. Wanted to know for my own education. Thanks.

Merlyn haunstrup-clemmensen Oct 01, 19:05 UTC

Dear collector,
Because of the quality of the painting compared to the real ones. Thanks

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