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How much is my painting worth?

We receive a lot of paintings for appraisals. This is actually the most popular category for us and therefore we have a ton 

Determining the value for a painting can be a complex process. Factors such as the artist, style, date, provenance, condition are all important considerations in establishing a value.
In some cases, the medium can have a direct bearing on the value. For example, paintings executed on canvas tend to be more valuable than those painted on board, panel or paper. Size can also be a consideration. The larger the painting is, the higher the value tends to be and vice versa.

Below you will find a complete guide to valuing paintings. You are welcome to take as much information as you can and try to estimate the value of your painting or you can submit it to one of our specialists and get their appraisal on your painting within 24-48 hours.

What does a painting appraisal include?

A painting appraisal online includes an estimate derived on the basis of several parameters and most importantly a comparison with recent auction results of similar items.A description of the painting. Artist, style, condition and other relevant information will be documented. You will be able to ask follow up questions to our painting specialist afterward if you want additional information or selling advice.

If you want to have a painting appraisal, fill out our form and send us detailed photographs of the painting. Front, Back and side + detailed closeup of the signature. Make sure you don’t forget to give us information about the history of the painting, provenance. Any piece of information could be relevant.

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Paintings Appraisals

Valuing paintings

A painting is a broad term within the fine art category and generally refers to a practice of applying paint, pigment or another medium to a solid support surface or base. The chosen material is usually applied to the surface using a brush, but knives and sponges are also common. Painting is an essential component of the history of art and usually depicts figural subject matter, landscapes or completely abstract compositions.

Because painting is a favored medium amongst artists globally, there is a surplus in the market and paintings are usually highly desirable amongst collectors, who perhaps see the art form as the pinnacle of the fine art category. Paintings are one of the most requested categories for appraisals that we receive in the business of online appraisals. It was quite cheap to produce them and also to paint was an part of the common education of the middle class and the nobility since the 18th century.

Painting appraisal near me

If you are not looking for an online painting appraisal, but instead want to find a local painting appraiser. You are welcome to browse in our directory of appraisers - a majority of the appraisers there are comfortable appraising your painting. They will come to your address and work on an hourly basis. Find painting appraisal near me 

How much does it cost to have a painting appraised?

The price of a painting appraisal is normally from $15 online and up online. If you are looking for an appraisal in your home the hourly rate is normally from $150. Auction houses will provide you with free appraisals of your painting. Remember they are biased and want to sell your painting.

Value my painting online free

Getting a free painting appraisal can be done in several ways. Remember nothing comes for free so you need to be aware of the pitfalls. We wrote a guide on how to get a free appraisal of your painting here

How to tell if a painting is valuable

You need to look at several things here. First of all, establishing the provenance and proving it to be an authentic painting of a famous artist. That is the first step. Later one needs to look at the medium, condition, rarity, and motive.

How much should I sell a painting for?

There is no standard answer to this question. It depends on so many factors. Artist is the single most important factor in this question.

How to find out the artist of a painting

Normally a signature is given on the painting. There could be additional information on the backside of the painting or you know the person who bought it - who can tell you. If there is only an unreadable signature - send it for a painting appraisal and they will most likely be able to decipher the signature and provide you with a complete description and an estimate. A painting appraisals objective is to establish the artists name and estimate.


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