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paintings 14 Dec
Birth of venus
This is a copy of the famous Botticelli's "Birth Of Venus". This is a very well painted oil or tempura on what appears to be burlap. My question is this: does an exceptionally painted copy of a famous painting have value? Also, I don't understand why a finely detailed painting would be painted on a very course, dark surface, unless it is very old, and that was all that was available. You can see where this surface is showing through, just over Venus's head, where the paint is thin. The canvas is also showing at Zephyr's foot and other areas where an apparent frame has removed the paint over the years. One other item which I find odd is, although this copy is remarkably similar to the original, the woman holding the robe has a ring on her third finger in my copy, but does not in the original painting. The copy I have has more patina and color subtlety,more delicate, less restored looking, less outlining around the figures. Venus is more alabaster in coloring which is what I would expect in the classical style. If I had to venture a guess, it would be that this was copied from the original, prior to restoration, when the color tint was more of a rose/pink, i.e. Venus, goddess of love. The restored version of the original seems to have more of a golden tint. The detail of this painting is such that whoever painted it, had to be sitting in front of the original, while painting it. This would indicate to me that the copy had to be authorized by the Medici family. The proportions of this are an exact 1/16 scaled down dimension of the original painting, in an exact scale of height to width.
Estimate: $25 - $50