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collectibles 31 Oct, 2020
1898 signature antique quilt top with 493 different names 3 are former presidents
As shown, is an actual "signature fundraiser" quilt top that started in Memphis Tennessee in 1898 and appears to have traveled all the way up into Georgetown Kentucky. Quilt top measures 75x64 inches in size. All names appear to be embroidered on the quilt. Included in these names are three former Presidents, Thomas Jefferson James Madison, and Grover Cleveland along with other note-able personal from history. We spent eleven hours actually going over the complete quilt block by block and making a list of all names, cities, and dates. All 493 different names are provided for you in the shown 3 photo's in a typed out list, broken down block by block of the quilt. The quilt top has a total of 72 squares, 9 down, 8 across. Only 3 remain still blank. Had these three squares been filled with names, the quilt would have exceeded over 500 different names on it. As previously mentioned the quilt started it's journey 122 years ago in Memphis, with who we believe was a Ms. Maggie Crenshaw. We have been able to trace it by searching the names in the list as it appears to have traveled out of Memphis across Tennessee to Nashville up through Glasgow, and Owensboro Kentucky, and appears to have stopped some 34 years later in 1932 in Georgetown Kentucky. The date "1932" does appear a few times on the quilt, as well as the city names of Owensboro, and Georgetown. We have verified the names of 8 people in our town of Glasgow Kentucky. Oddly enough, at the time of these people living, they all lived on the same street in a very wealthy portion of town. They were also people of great importance in our community. As mentioned, the quilt top was never finished, so it remains a quilt "top". It has been extremely well cared for, and has no stains, rips, or tears. So for it's age and to be fabric, it is in incredible condition. I do have correspondence with the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln Nebraska showing were they immediately offered payment of $5,000 to acquire the quilt. Currently at the present time we have held off on selling it to them for that price, as we have received other appraisals showing it's value between $15,000 to $20,000.
Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000