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Chinese Antiques 27 Dec
Right turning sanka with old stamp
Very RARE Antique Right Spiral Tibetan Silver Conch Buddhist 9" w Bon Stamp Shell of a Sacred Chank or Divine Conch (Turbinella pyrum) decorated with silver and semiprecious stones, from Tibet. Length: 9" Width: 5" Weight: 1.78 lbs What i learned from a collector: "The stamp is a Bon stamp, the conch horn is a very rare right spiraling conch, the spiral that is according to Tibetan Nyingma and the other splinter sects canon. It is in the opposite direction of a Bon spiral, and this is totally strange for it to have a Bon stamp on it. Just the fact that it is a truly right spiraling conch makes it rare. The figures in silver suggest a Dzogchen conch horn, either way it is a spectacular piece. Dzogchen is a very esoteric sect that shuns any practice, but encourages spontaneity. The bird is most likely a cuckoo, and the circle with the three figures that look like a leaf is a gankil but it is also of the Dzogchen sect. The cuckoo is a harbinger of the Dzogchen awareness 6 vajra verses. None of it fits, that is the enigma. Bon had their own script and some of what you have on the stamp is of that old Bon script that I doubt there is a person a live that can truly read with any accuracy. Two of the marks have to do with a special enlightened person. The other marks I do not understand. In short, a spectacular piece: probable Dzogchen engravings in the silver work, rare right spiral with the conch horn, as called for in the Buddhist canon, and a Bon stamp with indications of a very special enlightened person. This will be the curved line with the oval like a flame above it. The swastika is the big give away that it is Bon, the legs bend in the Bon direction, not in the Buddhist direction."
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500