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Sculptures 3 Nov, 2020
Jacob epstein peggy jean
Artist: Sir Jacob Epstein Title: “Peggy Jean Looking Up” AKA “Fifth Portrait of Peggy Jean” Production Date: 1906-1910 Material: Cast bronze sculpture with black patina Provenance: Receipt for purchase By Douglas A West (my uncle after whom I was named) directly from artist signed by the artist for 75 Bp on 12/17/1934; inherited by his wife, Edith West, in the mid 50’s I believe. I’m guessing Edith died in 1977 as there is an appraisal by Bonham’s in London from 03/07/1977 at Bp770 (and Baby Asleep at 715 Bp). There is a Fine Arts Appraisers appraisal from 12/13/1993 following my father’s death in July 1993 for $10,000 (Sleeping Baby was valued at $20,000).Both 1993 appraisals were based on a 1963 book by Richard Buckle titled Jacob Epstein Sculptor which calls into question the legitimacy of these appraisals given that a 30 year old book was used as source reference material. There is a note in my mother’s hand, with no attribution, that “Peggy Jean” was valued at $7,500 and “Baby” $16,000 “in 2000,” the year she died, when my wife and I bought both pieces from her estate for $3,500 total. In 2011 we contacted Sotheby’s, hoping to enlist their help selling “Peggy” which They said would sell likely for $3000 which was their minimum value to accept so we decided to hold on and park Peggy in the closet. Dimensions: BASE: 7inx5inx2in at top; 8inx6inx2in at bottom, weight 8lbs 7oz SCULPTURE: 9inx8inx8in, weight: 12lbs 11.4oz COMBINED: 11inx8inx8in, weight: 21lbs 2oz
Estimate: $2,000 - $3,500