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dolls 4 Sep, 2018
Bisque Sleeping "Baby Bunny" Doll
Height: 18 inches. Width 10 inches at widest point (hips). Condition: nearly pristine. Kept in cedar chest for at least 60 years. Deviations from original condition : [1] Tiny water mark on inside of doll's left ear; [2] Neck ribbon loosely retied; and [3] Bakelite "pearl" necklace has broken string: beads are intact, secured on string (see photos). Doll Notes: If "pearls" are Bakelite beads, this might suggest an origin date after 1907. I cannot find any manufacturer's mark or label on the doll. I suspect that it was handmade, sometime between 1907 and 1950. Despite a thorough dive into various online sources, including the Barnebys database, I have been unable to find even one photo or description of this doll, but have encountered several contemporary offerings by companies such as House of Lloyds, Show Stoppers and Rabbit Baby. The doll with the closest facial resemblance to mine is the "Lloyds-Christmas-Around-World-Snow-Bunny-Rabbit-Doll-Musical-Plush" currently viewable on eBay. Its head seems to have been crafted to imitate dolls like the one I have. The features are nearly identical; including the eyes, closed in slumber. None of the dolls I've viewed online appear to have the quality construction evident in my bunny doll. One "high-end" example is my doll's lovely, intricate and undamaged apron. Naturally, I'm hoping that my "sleeping beauty" is one of a group of iconic dolls that may have given rise to the present crop of bunny dolls featured on the internet. I look forward to your expert assessment of my doll's origin and value.
Estimate: $20 - $50