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Antique guns 22 Aug, 2019
Colt 1848 baby dragoon, made in 1847
A rare cased 1848 Baby Dragoon with accoutraments, all in good shape. The case is warped with a small patch of missing surface coverage on the lid. It has most all of its silver, except for a very small part on the trigger guard. This is an early version with three digit serial number, 171. This was made in 1847, not 1848. For the most part, this pistol has good bluing coverage, but faded. A close examination of this pistol shows a couple faces of the octagonal barrel showing spotty bluing, but the rest of it is good. One small part of the cylinder scene is faded, otherwise a strong cylinder scene. There are two small rust spots on cylinder, with one appearing over the cylinder scene itself. Despite a few marks, it has close to a 80% cylinder scene. The “Colt Patent” stamp is partially obliterated. The grips have one dent. Note that this pistol was made before the civil war. Because of this, it still is in unusually good shape, with a strong cylinder scene. The cylinder has been cleaned due to a flash rust problem, but a ligher coverage of grey patina is still there. There is a name stamped on the rear strap of “H. L. Bissel”. This was not done at the factory. The seller provided some provenance of this Bissel. There is one major concern. The barrel was made a year after the pistol was made. This could of been done at the factory. The barrel is stamped properly, but with a small difference in size, but using the same block style numbering that was used when compared to the other serial numbers used at a later time. This should come as no surprise for a serial number stamp made a year later. It is authentic and complete with all original parts. This even includes the small delicate trigger. This pistol shows no apparent use. The serial number is stamped at all the appropriate places. In a couple places, the numbers in a few places are distinct but not *completely* crisp. The varnish on the grip is in great shape.
Estimate: $5,000 - $10,000