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Antique Furniture 16 Jan, 2020
Writing box
I recently purchased this writing box at a thrift shop. Everything appears to be original with the exception of the keyhole escutcheon, (but dark staining shows the original escutcheon was larger), and perhaps the side handles, but not sure. There is only one set of holes for the side handles. Also, I was wondering about the moldings around the base, as the color is slightly different. Small nails securing the bottom panel look like small hand made ones, but only the inset heads are showing, so a little hard to tell. I think, but might be mistaken that the wood is walnut (could be Yew or something else I suppose). I knew little about writing boxes, but this is different from the mostly late 18th century, early 19th century ones I could find on line. There is no "slope" ,and only a lid with edge molding,(somewhat warped) rather than a deeper cover. The feel is very different from the veneered 19th century boxes that are common. Also, this has exposed dovetailed corners, which I only saw on a couple of early boxes, with the brass corner strips inlet into the surface, as are the top brass pieces. The iron lid strap hinges are the only ones I have seen on a writing box after searching on line. These make me wonder if it is of an early date. Also, I have never seen something similar to the small brass lifting pieces on the two compartment lids. The center section lifts out to expose the storage space at the bottom of the box. I am very curious as to the approximate date. To me it feels early, but I could, of course, be wrong. Thank you for any information you might give.
Estimate: $75 - $125
Vintage Handbags 15 Jan, 2020
Louis vuitton zip top pouch bag
Tag in bag mv6111 monogram canvas zip top leather strap gold/yellow stitch on leather strap gold tone hardware zipper sewn with brown stitching to the bag brown cording on seams inside leather at the end od zipper stamped in it Louis Vuitton Paris made in france line around edge looks stamped in also, clip on end of the bag says LV , stitching on zipper looks brown inside but matches letters color on outside od the bag at the top also has cording on each side 3 quarter around bag both sides, the zipper has a number 2 where it divides the zipper , zipper looks silver tone looks maby replaced, still has the metal LV zipper pull which is open at the top where the metal ring goes into, not all one piece, the v's on the cancas are thinner in the right side, also on the tag sewn into the side left side zipper also opens from the left side strap 3/8 inch wide looks spilt, then glued together again, has yellow string holding leather looped over ring at the clip end other end looped thru another rinf like a purse fob leash, slpit at end to put leather thru, bag is 8.25 wide to cords 8.5 with sides 2.5 deep from cord to cord 3/4" deep by zipper at top 7.5" strap drop zipper 8.75" long strap 3/8" wide and is leather, the lv logo is 7/8" square on the canvas and logo is sewn even on the bag6 lv on front an 6 on back and center 3 quarter canvas is the artwork logo all the way around. Has a thin backing on the inside canvas to cover the canvas all sewn in under brown cording.
Estimate: $200 - $400