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Prints 10 Nov
Set of 5 ltd edt/numered caricatures by james gillray, 1969, uk
This is a complete set which includes a outer folder/holder & separate sheet with a detailed description of each print/caricature of 5 Limited Edition & Numbered Prints/Caricatures by JAMES GILLRAY produced by The Sunday Times Magazine, UK in 1969. James Gillray (1756 - 1815) was the visual commentator on one of England’s most extraordinary periods, the mordant genius of a golden age of caricature. Details of the 5 Seperate Caricatures/Prints: 1) The MORNINGS after MARRIAGE - or - A Scene on the Continent. 5 April 1788. The honeymoon of the Prince of Wales and Mrs Fitzherbert. The Prince of Wales and Mrs Fitzherbert were still to be seen constantly in each other's company, and had, to all appearances, settled down very happily together..... 2) BANDELURES. 28 February 1791 The Prince of Wales, Mrs Fitzherbert and Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Not long after the debate on the Prince of Wales's financial difficulties, the Prince and Mrs Fitzherbert were again the subject of gossip and titillation. He dimmed his popularity in the Regency crisis of 1788-89 and was soon in debt again..... 3) WIFE & no WIFE - or - A trip to the Continent. 27 March 1786 The marriage of George, Prince of Wales and Mrs Fitzherbert. In the early part of 1786 London was abuzz with rumours of a secret marriage between the 24-year-old. George, Prince of Wales, and his mistress, Mrs Maria Fitzherbert, who was a Catholic, twice-married, and five years his senior..... 4) A VOLUPTUARY under the horrors of Digestion. 2 July 1792. The Prince of Wales at Carlton House. In July 1792 Gillray produced a pair of classic caricatures of father and son, King and Heir, an unequalled portrayal of gluttony contrasted with meanness. 'A Voluptuary' presents the Prince of Wales as every vice that was levelled against him gathered together into one brilliant picture of decadence, languor and sloth..... 5) TEMPERANCE enjoying a Frugal Meal 28 July 1792. King George III and Queen Charlotte. In this, the companion piece to 'A Voluptuary', the Prince of Wales's parents, King George III and Queen Charlotte, are shown as the very opposite of their son in every way - vice for vice, fault for fault. The set consists of 3 larger prints have a outer paper border and the prints are insert inside. The measuresments including the removable border is 28” inches across/wide by 19.5” inches tall/high. Without the removable border the prints measure 19.75” inches across/long by 16” inches tall/high. The 4th and 5th print are side by side (companion pieces) with the same outer border size as shown above and the prints themselves measure 12.5” inches across/wide by 15.75” inches tall/high. The prints are numbered 1339/2500, and other than some minor creases and some minor marks mostly to the outer borders come in very good condition. Please see pictures included for further details. The pictures due to limited natural light at the time the pictures were taken do not do the prints justice, as the Caricatures are despite their age still vibrant and eye catching.
Estimate: $100 - $200