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antiques & curio 10 Aug, 2018
Early 18th century tall case clock
This is an early 18th century English Tall Case clock, made by William Element of St. Albans. Mr. Element died in 1736, and was listed as a Whitesmith/Blacksmith, and was working from the late 17th century. The clock has a posted movement, with original dial, hand and movement. It displays well-cast Cherubs-holding-Crown spandrels. A replacement bell was put on the side, and that has since been replaced with an appropriate bell put back in its original position on the top. Other than that, the movement is all original, with the exception of a couple of screws. Some original square headed screws remain in place. It has a lead weight, but no way to tell if it is the original one, as well as with the pendulum. The case is tall and narrow. The large fireplace makes it look short in the photo, but it is over 7 feet tall. I believe the pine case is original, but altered several times. The trunk of the case, (back, sides, moldings, front surround and some parts of the base are original. It has a number of early construction features, including the sides of the case going all the way to the floor, with base moldings added on top, as well as old tool marks. The trunk door is a replacement, as are the feet/plinth. The base appears to have been cut down by a few inches. The hood structure is original as well, but with a replaced door, and some other moldings. The well-done Jappaning/laquer work I believe dates from the 20th century, and probably replaced a simpler painted surface. It is at present, a very beautiful clock, although altered. But, nevertheless, is still a rarity for being in its original (now rare) pine case.
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,300