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Ceramics & Porcelain 9 Aug, 2020
Madonna 75th anniversary hummel in original box
Outside of Box states in gold lettering: "M.I. Hummel" (script type font) "In celebration / of the 75th anniversary / of the birth / of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel /1909-1984"; Box has "Goebel" and "W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik" at the bottom. Back of Box: "(c) Goebel 1983; Box measures: 11"x6.5"x3.5"; three corners of box are split; interior is a bronze satin with a foam cushioning holding the piece. The Piece: Madonna with crown holding a Baby Jesus; color is pristine: blue cloak, pink under cloak; crown~ yellow with dots of color; hair is brown and long and flowing; eyes are closed; Baby has right hand touching the mother's chin; clothes are yellow with a brown and dotted front; band around Baby's head; 9" tall; at bottom, 5". The bottom when picked up: indented number appears to be "36" with a dash after the number (maybe); there is an inked in scrawl (.3") that appears to be initials with "84" on the upper right in black; dates above the hole: "1909-1984" in blue; also in blue to the left of the hole in all caps in two lines: "In celebration of the 75th anniversary"; and to the right of the hole in blue and all caps and two lines: "of the birth of/Sister M.I.Hummel.' Beneath the hole: in blue: (c)Goebel/W.Germany. Also in the box with a piece of tape on it: a small card (2"x1"): Authentic M.J.Hummel (the name is in a script type font) / Figurine / by/Goebel / of West Germany.
Estimate: $30 - $40
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