Wooden horse on glider, salesman sample?

Oct 24, 14:54 UTC
Wooden Horse on glider, salesman sample? Dsc00266 Dsc00268
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This is a carved wooden horse on a glider. The eyes appear to be glass, the saddle is leather, the tail is string. The screws hold it on the glider are slotted, flat head. The carving looks good, pleasant proportions, graceful lines. Measures 13 inches long, 10 inches at the tallest point, 5 inches at the widest point. I have found these online, but they are a full sized riding toy.


I found this at a flea market, so no history is known.

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$250 - $300 (United States Dollar)
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Dear collector,
What a beautiful wooden horse. We also believe that it is a salesman sample from around 1900. It is very rare and easy to sell because it dont take up much space. A good place to sell it would be a local auction house or ebay.

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