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Doll appraisal and toy appraisal

Toys and dolls are actually a category which is a bit out of time. The number of auction houses and collectors of these two categories are decreasing. The market for toys is to separate into tin toys, technical toys like steam machines and others like stuffed animals.

How to determine the value of dolls and toys
Because these are children's toys and children have sometimes reckless handling of objects the condition is a first step for the categorization. Toys were mostly mass products we need of course comparable pieces to determine a price. On the other hand, rare productions in a low number are often much more expensive.

What we look for when giving a doll appraisal 
The condition is very important; Hallmark or stamp; are there later additions or repairs to keep the toy functioning (original condition);

Mearto evaluates hundreds of similar items each month.

Collecting antique toys is not just for kids; even adults invest a lot of time and money on antique toys.

Collectors with a passion for toys do so because these toys bring back fond memories of their childhood. For a few others, this is more than just about stirring up childhood memories. It is the hobby of collecting unique and rare pieces that they enjoy.

Can my vintage toy be appraised online?

Yes - online appraisals on toys and dolls are very common. All it requires is a good description and some infocus photos from all angles of the item. Especially images of marks or text that can determine the age is important.

What kind of toys do you appraise?

When talking about antique toys, they come in all shapes and sizes. The most common types of toys that are highly sought after in the market include vintage toys, dolls, teddy bears, and model trains.

There are more classifications of toys in the market and each hold a different type of value depending on how rare these items are. Many of these toys have ceased production for many centuries now; hence, they become rare and hard to find.

Toys that are hard to find command a higher price in the market. If you want to have your vintage toys looked at for its value, you must consult qualified and expert appraisers for an honest assessment.

You can also check out the individual sections for the different types of antique toys to learn more about the factors that cause the value to go up or down.

Research is always important when involved in the business of appraising and selling antiques; hence, take the time to learn about antique toys.


Frequently asked questions

Where are dolls hallmarked?

Dolls are mostly hallmarked of stamped in the neck;

Where can I find the mark on tin toys?

Tin toys mostly stamped on the reverse side;

Is it important for technical toys to be functioning to hold value?

Yes, toys with technical functions should still work;

Should I keep my doll or toy unpacked to hold the value?

Yes, collective toys should not be unpacked


Estimate: $12,000 - $18,000 USD (Sold for: $9,000 USD)

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