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pretty heavy clock weights around 15-20 kg, the metal is really thick and it was purchased in the 1990s from egypt not sure if it’s real or replicated



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Apr 02, 02:06 UTC
By David

Fair Market Value

$100 - $150 USD

Insurance Value

$250 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Naser,
Thank you for sending in this rococo ornate mantel clock to mearto.com for an appraisal. I shall try to help you with that today.
Dore bronze (gilt spelter), architectural (cathedral), double barrel spring, eight day time and half hourly striking, mantel clock, a modern reproduction of the Louis XVth French style mantel clock made in the 18th century, unsigned, case attributed to the Imperial Clock Company of Italy using an imported German made movement (likely made by Franz Hermle), made circa 1980's. With alterations and restorations.
Case: Size not provided. This is a Dore Bronze architectural rococo mantel clock built as a Gothic type cathedral with a silvered handled stoppered gilt urn finial above the arched and fenestrated pediment adorned with skeletonized Dore bronze foliate and Fleur-de-Lys designs. A silvered shell is placed in front of the foliate fretwork over the main case. (This portion was originally bronzed and not silvered) A double domed cornice sits above the gilt dial surround. Below the dial there is a typically Teutonic masculine 'gruesome' facial mask (this was silvered after the clock was made in Italy, but was original bronzed). Fenestrated solid gilt columns and Dore bronze foliage flows down either side with small upright finials to either side. The concave base moulding has ab arched balustrade at the center with gilt curled acanthus leaf footings leading down to animal paw feet at the sides and in the center of the facade while there is a fenestrated ringlet type skirting between the feet. The back of the case is flat and cast in a tufted manor, typical of Italian construction of the late 20th century. At the back of the case is a circular door for access to the movement compartment.

Dial: There is a gilt spelter dial mask with openings for the black enameled Roman hours giving the numerals the appearance of being in cartouche form (faux cartouche). The case dial mask has a plaque in the lower dial that is illegible and is missing its hands. The dial is unsigned. A large modern screw holds the dial mask in place suggesting it was done aftermarket and the dial mask is not original to the clock. The numerals have been poorly repainted, but most likely the clock originally had an enameled white dial with Roman hours. (Perhaps it was badly cracked and someone added the dial mask.

Movement: NOT SHOWN but would most likely be a round or rectilinear brass plate movement with stippled plates signed by Franz Hermle and son of Germany, since Hermle supplied the original movements for the Imperial Furniture Company. The movement is powered by two steel springs of eight day duration and strikes a gong on the hour and half hour with short pendulum swinging behind the movement. . .

Condition: Case - Poor condition with signs of wear to gilding and evidence of regilding as well as silvering parts of the case the latter silver paint is not original to the case. This is a cast Dore bronze (gilt spelter) case originating from the Italian workshops in northern Italy. The silvered facial mask below the dial was originally Dore bronze not silver.
Dial - Roman numerals poorly repainted and a Dore bronze dial mask added aftermarket, a poor restoration. No hands and some damage to the dial mask showing the underlying white metal spelter below the gilding. Movement - Not evaluated. Not seen.
The names of Farbel, Imperial and Lancini are all interconnected in the manufacturing of fine furniture reproductions of 18th century French furniture and clocks.
FARBEL is one of the most important manufacturing Italian firms in the foundry sector. Brass, bronze, aluminum, copper, steel, are raw materials that every day are used directly inside their factory. This technology allows them to manufacture small or large quantities.
FARBEL was begun in 1966 and exported their replicated French 18th century clocks worldwide. FARBEL's founder was Giuseppe Belotti. Belotti sought perfection, quality, esteem, capturing the sumptuous qualities in the history of the European decorative arts.
Originally he stated, "Made in Italy" is our guarantee. I believe Farbel used the name Imperial on their clocks. Lancini also made clocks in Italy c. 1980’s and although I am not certain, I do believe there was a direct connection between Imperial, Lancini and Farbel, all located in northern Italy and all essentially making reproduction furniture as well as clocks.
~https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/7665549_081231-gilt-metal-mantel-clock-by-imperial-h-24 (Here is your clock in very fine condition back in 2010 and it sold at that time for $700. Note the round punctate brass plate movement signed by Hermle Clocks)
~https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/8382998_011081-rococo-style-gilt-metal-mantel-clock-by-imperia (same style clock signed Imperial and sold for $600 in 2011)
https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/14165928_352-imperial-german-brass-mantel-clock-the-porcelain (same clock but with candelabra sold in 2012 for $350)
https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/23571557_a-french-rococo-style-gilt-metal-mantel-clock (sold in 2014 for $250)
Notice the gradual fall in value for this clock all comparables in very fine condition. The slide continued and in fine condition today your clocks would sell for $200-$250 tops. With it physical problems your example however, sadly, would bring somewhere in the $100-$150 range. Sorry to have to deliver bad news to you, but yes, it is a replica and was meant to be a fine late 20th century replica of an 18th century French mantel clock and one that has been restored, but poorly so.
I hope you understand precisely what this clock is and its value in today’s demanding marketplace.
My best,

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