Spanish king carolus coin image

Oct 11, 2018. 02:36 UTC
spanish King Carolus Coin image
United States of America


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Image of King Carolus of Spain coin. Obverse image, with nothing on the reverse;


dug up from the ground north of Bethpage, Tennessee

Answered within about 10 hours
Oct 11, 12:39 UTC
By Nora Curl
Presumably not genuine

This is a 20th century one-sided medallion copy of an 18th century 8 reales silver coin.

Nora curl Oct 11, 12:39 UTC

Please add more clear, in-focus images so that the wording on this is read-able by photo and the actual dimension.

Dawn tabbert Oct 12, 01:04 UTC

This item has a brittle as stone adhesive on the back. The front was totally black with sediment. We lifted with a buffer pad enough to be able clearly read the letters. It is 3 1/2 inches across, and weighs approximately 7 ounces. thankyou.

Nora curl Oct 31, 11:34 UTC

Please add just one clear, in-focus image that shows the entire front face of the coin in one photo.

Nora curl Oct 31, 12:58 UTC

The image added is a picture of a treble clef. Please add just one clear, in-focus image that shows the entire front face of the coin in one photo.

Dawn tabbert Oct 31, 13:04 UTC

Two more pictures of the front of the item have been loaded. Thank you so much.

Nora curl Oct 31, 13:05 UTC

Thank you

Dawn tabbert Nov 07, 21:54 UTC

This is very frustrating for me to continue the back and forth communication about this item. It is very genuine. If you were to hold it in your hand, and examine it, you would see that. I am considering taking it to a nearby college so students in a chemistry class can attempt to examine it forensically. Someone, somewhere, probably created a piece commemorating the front of said coin. 1783, I was several feet under the ground, was about an inch thick with hard, black material that we removed gently with a buffer, until the image on the piece was visible. In the pictures, you surely can see the residual black that we purposely left for the right curator to come to a proper conclusion about the origin of the item. My next move is to send pictures to Spain; to this king's descendants. I will persist until I get answers. Thank you for your efforts in my behalf. Dawn

Nora curl Nov 07, 22:30 UTC

Hi, Yes, this coin has been reproduced 10-fold in modern times. The answer provided is correct.

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