Silver teapot by p. garrett

Nov 27, 2018. 16:58 UTC
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Silver teapot 8" high by 10" wide. It is 4.5" deep inside. It weighs 1.5lbs. The mark on the bottom is P.Garrett. This teapot was used and does have a few dents. This teapot is from my husband's mother's family. It is inscribed with ESB and was a present for Esther Syng Bunting. The Syng's were related to my mother-in-law's family


Received from husband's mother. It has been handed down in her family

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$700 - $900 (United States Dollar)
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Nov 29, 18:54 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a coin silver teapot made by Philip Garrett who worked in Philadelphia from 1801-1828 on his own. Then his son joined the silversmith workshop and he signed " P.Garrett & Son" accordingly. His Son Thomas Cresson Garrett kept on the tradition until 1860. The teapot in your possession is a lovely piece of early American silver. The estimate is based on auction results. A real silver enthusiasts might be willing to pay more than the high estimate.

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