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Silver and objects of vertu Appraisals

What is my silver worth?

This question has been asked thousands of time and with good reasons.

It is not easy to determine the value of a silver object, but with the right knowledge and expertise, you can get a good estimate of what it is worth.

In these articles we will look at different silver objects and what to look for in the different categories.

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Some General info

Despite the vagaries of fashion, the value of antique silver pieces or objects have endured over the years. In fact, antique silver pieces are among the most valued items by antique collectors.

Depending on the type of antique object in one’s possession, it can command moderate to high value.

Since the earliest history of silversmith works, silver has been combined with other types of metals to make it durable and more resilient to work with. This was a practice made common in the 14th century; hence, all silver objects manufactured after the 1300s underwent testing to determine the actual amount of silver present in each object. A marking system was developed to provide antique collectors with a guideline as to the value and quality of the silver piece they own.

Watch out for counterfeit

The high level of demand for silver has also resulted in many counterfeit silver items circulating the market. Therefore, it is important to educate one’s self about how to ‘read’ these marks or how to authenticate silver pieces. There are different factors that affect the value of each silver object. In general, though, rare silver pieces in good condition will have excellent value.
If you have some silver objects that need appraisal, you can browse this section to learn about silver cutlery, teapot, boxes, German silver, and Sterling silver. Each section will offer in-depth discussion about how you can determine the value for each of these items.

Antique Silver Set

An impressive twenty-four piece French silver dressing toilet suite, Charles-Auguste Peret, Paris, circa 1850

Estimate  10,000 — 15,000 GBP (LOT SOLD. 21,250 GBP

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