Old silver coins

Aug 08, 2019. 10:12 UTC
Old Silver Coins
United States of America


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I have a few old coins that I'm just curious about, Silver Dollar, Indian Head Nickel, some old Quarters, and Dimes.


I'm the owner.

$28.50 - $66 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 4 hours
Aug 08, 14:16 UTC
By Jim Jones

Hello Anna,
After examining your pictures, I will list each item and it's value. The total value of all coins will appear above in the estimate boxes.
1. 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar, average circulated condition: $11 - $20
2. 1908 Barber Dime, Good condition: $1 - $4
3. 1915-S Barber Quarter, Very Good condition (VG): $15 - $40 - This is a better date.
4. Susan B. Anthony Dollar: This is only worth it's face value, $1.
5. ? Buffalo Nickel. Without the date, I can only guess, but most Buffalo nickels with a full date that were minted at Philadelphia (this coin) are only worth .50 to $1.
Thank you for your inquiry.

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