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May 12, 02:54 UTC
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Roughly 17’x11,6. Very thick and well made. Extremely heavy. Very soft. What looks to be Arabic(Persian) writing on it. Wife got it from her grandfather who says sent home from China around the wwii era. not sure if this is the truth.


Grandfather unknown for sure. Possible aquisitioned on soldiers travels during wwii

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$300 - $1,000 (United States Dollar)
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May 16, 10:49 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a 20th century chinese Kerman rug, showing a cream and light blue color border with an allover floral pattern, and a single cream colour medallion in a scalloped red field. The persian inscription is very hard to decipher, this was most likely meant to look like the the name of the manufacturer. The lively red color is currently less in demand in the US, and rugs in general have lost value. The estimate is based on similar offered or sold at auction.

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