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The history of collecting antique rugs and carpets has been around for centuries. In fact, King Henry VIII had several Turkish rugs in his collection. You can even see these rugs used in his many portraits with Hans Holbein. In addition to Henry VIII, other avid collectors of antique rugs and carpets were Sigmund Freud and Cornelius Vanderbilt. These references showcase the history of collecting antique carpets and rugs throughout history.
The individual history of each type of carpets and rugs are far more diverse. After all, there are several types of carpets and rugs in the market. Some of the most commonly collected types of rugs out there include Oriental Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Persian Rugs, Celtic Rugs, and more. Each of these types features distinctive characteristics and level of artistry, which can have an impact on whether collectors would want to own them.

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