Ming dynasty baluster jar

Aug 09, 17:14 UTC
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Period of Emperor Yung Lo 1403-1424. 23 x 23 cm. Restored by intensive removal of encrusted deposits of silt and soil.


Purchased from University of Wuhan.

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Presumably not genuine
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Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a porcelaineous vase with slip decorated frieze of chinese immortals and an inscription on the shoulder, cloisonne style filled with various enamel colours, a Certified Export approval seal mark issued by a cultural relics bureau at the base. The seal guarantees that this is NOT an antique of cultural importance. It is illegal to export antiques from China, formerly the dateline was everything before 1795, but in everyday practice only items less than 100 years old would get this approval seal for export by an experienced cultural relics bureau. Judging from your description the vase was previously intentionally soiled with bitumen to give it some "age". You will notice that the slip decoration is in perfect shape and the scratches are only on the shiny blue glaze. Judging from a western point of view I would consider this a decorative vase lacking authenticity.

Alice marks Aug 11, 17:54 UTC

Images uploaded.

Alice marks Aug 12, 21:08 UTC

Thank you for this info. Glad my dad never found out or he would have been super disappointed!

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