Ancient Chinese jade chimera
11 March 2023

Perhaps a form of jade, carved as a recumbent ram-like beast, the cover to his back as an elephant head. This object is in a style that is far older than the Qianlong period, it could be a true archaic artefact or a more modern early century antiquity in the style of the period. A crack on a side but not to alter the object integrity, some black spots embedded (might be natural), otherwise good general condition. Object for sale ONLY if price deemed satisfactory (and covering at least overseas shipping costs..)


Height 14 cm; Length 21 cm; Depth 5 cm

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For sale
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By David U.
Mar 13, 11:41 UTC
Fair Market Value
$15,000 - $20,000 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
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Based on the images and available information, this item is:

A hand-carved jade of a chimera (bixie) from most likely Han Dynasty. Jade animals carved in the round were comparatively more common in the Han dynasty than in previous periods and a great emphasis was placed on the depiction of wild animals in all their ferocity.

This animal is inspired by prototypes from West Asia transmitted to China

Good condition.

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