Japanese clay vase with faces a waning moon

Jan 15, 2020. 22:29 UTC
Japanese Clay vase with faces a waning moon
United States of America

Japanese art

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Hello, I am a collector but not of Japanese antiques. But someone I have purchased art from offered me this vase. He believed it to be Japanese and at lease 60 years old form the Saji Trading co label on the bottom. I can not confirm that the label originally came with the vase. The vase is 11.5 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide. It has two marks on the bottom. One is a waning moon and the other may be the signature of the artist. Or at least I hope.


It has an old Saji Trading Co label on the bottom. It came from a private estate sale in Southern California

€40 - €60 (Euro)
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Jan 17, 08:09 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Dear Jonathan,

Your vase is a modern Japanese vase say from the last 20 years. I could not decipher the marks. Quality of the vase is nice but not very high. Its basic a decorative vase from one of the many recent potters in Japan. Value of this modern work is in general not very high. The Saji Trading co. label is just the company who exported / traded the vase outside Japan to, in many cases, the western countries. Funny vase from modern potter from Japan with no particular antiques value I'm afraid.

Jonathan d. clark Jan 17, 14:48 UTC

Sure, I will send it over the weekend.

Jonathan d. clark Jan 18, 18:23 UTC

Hello, I have added images of the bottom and the inside of the vase. Sorry for the green hew but it came from the photo flashlight. Please confirm that these are all you need?

Jonathan d. clark Jan 18, 18:30 UTC

Now that I have upload the photos of the inside, I believe there are blurry because of the size. Please let me know if they are not usuable as I will send you more

Jonathan d. clark Jan 18, 18:35 UTC

Also, when looking at the inside bottom of the vase area, you can see a connection line around the inside of the vase. It seems the bottom 1/4 was added last? If that makes since at all?

Jonathan d. clark Jan 18, 20:09 UTC

Hello, just add much better photos. No green hew and I believe these are clear.

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