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Graffiti art

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28"x33" acrylic on paper



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Mar 20, 13:08 UTC
By Leah I.
The specialist needs more information

Thank you for contacting Mearto.

I found an artist named Shoichiro Higuchi. Your item reads 'Shoichior." Do you have any ideas about why his name would have been misspelled?

Thank you

Masashi katayama Mar 20, 13:59 UTC

There is no rhyme or reason why the artist’s name was misspelled. Like I mentioned in my write up I am certain the artist’s name is as you mentioned, Shoichiro Higuchi. Thank you.

Leah i. Mar 21, 14:52 UTC

I appreciate your patience as I continue to look for more information on Mr. Higuchi's artwork past sales.

Leah i. Mar 22, 15:13 UTC

Shoichiro Higuchi 樋口正一郎 (1944 - ) is a Japanese multi-medium artist and author. He works in sculpture and installation, as well as in painting. His paintings tend to be brightly colored, with large brushstrokes, done in acrylic.

Higuchi has shown internationally, whether in his role as a painter or as an environmental installation artist.

Based on sales of similar works, the Fair Market Value of this painting is between $600 and $800.

Masashi katayama Mar 22, 16:14 UTC

Thank you for the market value figure. Does Mearto provide services of finding prospective buyers?

And unrelated to this piece, I have other pieces of artwork for which I do not have the artist's name. What can you suggest for appraising these?

Leah i. Mar 22, 16:30 UTC

You're welcome. We're actually working on launching a service that would match you with prospective buyers, but it's not available yet. I would generally suggest you contact auction houses directly rather than posting on a site like eBay. The well-known ones are Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonham’s, or Phillips. I found a Japanese auction house as well, that might be worth reaching out to:

I also found a few NYC galleries that you could get in touch with that might consign art:

For your other pieces, we can do our best to try to identify the work through comparison with known artworks. It’s always difficult without a signature of course. We can also try to provide an estimation based on the genre/time period/materials.

Masashi katayama Mar 22, 18:34 UTC

All of the aforementioned pieces are currently framed. Do you recommend us opening up the framing to see if there's anything written on the backs of the pieces themselves?

Leah i. Mar 23, 19:28 UTC

I think that is a good idea. I would recommend wearing white cotton gloves if you can, to protect the works from oil, dirt, or fingerprints. I checked online and it looks like you can get a pack of them for $5-$10.

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