Chinese wedding bed

Nov 02, 2020. 02:34 UTC
Chinese wedding bed

Antique tables

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81-1/4” wide, 92” high, 52-1/2” deep, wood. Carved panels and paint as well as guilding


Look like it was in an auction in China and acquired by a gentleman living there.

Answered within 7 days
Nov 09, 06:42 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

$500 - $750 USD

Insurance Value

$1,250 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Glenn,

Lovely late 19th century Chinese wedding bed you have here. I tried to sell one in my past job ( auctionhouse Catawiki ) but it was very difficult. To bring it to China costs a lot and usually European or American buyers do not buy this to sleep in it and its not directly a decorative object. Stupid thing is that if you take out all the lacquered wooden panels and sel them one by one, you could make some money on them. I will not advice that in a general way but f you looking for making some money on this bed; that is the way to do it. Small carved panels made around 50 / 80 dollar a piece and the bigger ones go over $ 100 up to $ 200 if they are really nicely carved.So my estimation is for the bed in total if you would like to sell it in an auction. You can make the math about my suggestion.

Glenn barbisan Nov 09, 16:18 UTC

Thank you for the information. It is very helpful. Would you have any idea of what kind of wood this is?

S.k. breider Nov 10, 11:40 UTC

Normally its elm wood but because of the heavy layer or lacquer it is hard to be sure.

Simon Breider

Glenn barbisan Nov 10, 16:33 UTC

Thank you!

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