Chinese embroidery of chickens

Jul 25, 2021. 04:01 UTC
Chinese Embroidery of Chickens
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Based on the information I have I believe that is is possibly early 18th century how it may be earlier. It is a rooster and a hen, the backing material is blue silk and the embroidery material may also be silk however it appears to be very fine wool. The eyes on both birds are deep inset so as to give the illusion that they are looking at you. Overall the work appears very skilled. The dimensions are width 608cm by 708cm High. I do not know much more about it apart from that it was obtained by my Great Great grandmother through a friend who spent 6 Months of the year in China. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


It belonged to my grandmother who inherited it from her mother. The only information we have was that it was given to my great great grandmother by a man who was seen as a father figure however he was not blood. From what I have been told he spent 6months of the year in England and 6 months in China on business. This item was one of many this he brought back from China.

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