Carving appx 6" high

Jun 22, 2020. 20:38 UTC
Carving appx 6" high
United States of America

Japanese art

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ivory carving of a samurai holding a bear overhead


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Jun 29, 09:24 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

$700 - $1,200 USD

Insurance Value

$1,900 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Mark,

I do really believe this is not a Japanese but a Chinese ivory carvind despite of the Japanese expression. These carvings were made in Hongkong in early to late 20th century. I do believe your statue ' Okimono' has enough age to pass the 1947 mark of CITES. It will be made around 1920 I believe. The red stamp is typical for Chinese carvings and the way the carving is done is also a ' Hongkong way' in my opinion. Quality of the carving very good and these do well in auctions. Be aware of CITES issues if you want to sell it. You need an auction house to recognize it as old enough or try to get a CITES certificate. Read the CITES conditions before bringing it in with them. CITEs has the authority to confiscate an piece if they want to. I do not see any dimensions mentions but my guess is 20 cm high. My estimation is based on that size.

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