Antique rppc of 6 wwi british soldiers in france posing while smoking pipes

Apr 05, 2021. 21:44 UTC
Antique RPPC of 6 WWI British Soldiers in France Posing While Smoking Pipes
United States of America


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This is an old postcard found in old box of odds and ends held by my grandparents. It is 3.5" x 5.5" and has no creases or tears. We think this might be valuable due to the unusual fact that all of these soldiers have a pipe in their mouth. These quotes explain why they all smoke pipes... "It might almost be said that a man in the firing line first thinks of his cartridges and the very next thing he seems to worry about is ammunition for his pipe. The pipe itself is only less precious than the rifle."--(the British trade journal 'Tobacco,' 1914) In 1916 Lieut-Colonel Henry Paul Treeby, Commandant of the East Surrey Depot, stated, "Tobacco is not so much a luxury as an actual necessity to our men at the front." General John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing, Commander-in-Chief of the American Expeditionary Force, proclaimed in 1917, "You ask me what we need to win this war. I answer tobacco, as much as bullets." I wasn't quite sure to categorize this real picture postcard under "Militaria" or "Photos." I do hope I chose the correct topic. If not, could you please forward to someone who know about these sort of items? Thank you!! Looking forward to what you can tell us about this. --Mike


It's evidently from Europe--British WW1 soldiers in France.

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Apr 08, 14:10 UTC
By George

Fair Market Value

$15 - $30 USD

Insurance Value

$45 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Mike,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

The presented object appears to be a postcard from WWI with measurements of 3.5" x 5.5". This is a "Carte Postale" which was produced with numerous motifs during WWI. This postcard shows a group of six British Infantry soldiers posing in a line and smoking pipe. Sadly no specific equipment or regiment signs are visible to identify the group. Indeed Tabac was a very important supply for the fighting troops in both World Wars and very important for the morale of the fighting troops. Especially in WWI with its terrifying static warfare and long-time perseverance in the trenches smoking Tabac was a strategy to keep one´s nerves facing the industrialized modern warfare of machine guns and heavy artillery.

This piece is in medium to good condition and there is no serious damage visible in the images provided.
A fair market estimation would be between 15 to 30 USD.
This estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparable items. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and may vary.

With kind regards,

Mike gilligan Apr 08, 15:35 UTC

Thank you Georg for your input. I had originally thought that this was worth around $20. But when I put it on eBay for $79.00, I received a lot of offers for up to $60, at which time I raised the price to $199 and wrote Mearto for an evaluation. Just got another offer as we speak, for $50.00.
I think it must be the tobacco aficionados who are willing to pay such a price for this old postcard. So I will lower the price from $199 to $99, and will be willing to take $70 or so. Does that sound good to you?
Thanks again for looking at this for me.

George Apr 10, 12:07 UTC

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your email. Indeed the image, the composition could higher the estimate. The motif has a humoristic aspect and of course, tobacco aficionados could pay more for this. Your plan to lower the price is the right strategy and to put it under 100 USD. Good luck with this and a wonderful weekend!

With kind regards,

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