Yixing tea pot

Nov 07, 2019. 20:47 UTC
Yixing tea pot
United States of America

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This is a yixing tea pot. I believe it is a turtle. There are makers Mark's on it. I'm guessing the 1970s. It is signed.



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Nov 09, 08:47 UTC
By s.k. Breider

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€30 - €60 EUR

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€90 EUR
What does this mean?

Indeed a Chinese Yixing teapot made for export and for decorative purposes although I believe you can drink tea out of it. The idea of a Yixing teapot is that the yixing clay is adding flavour to the tea and thats why the old ones and ones made by famous artist is sought after and expensive. This tepot is partly made in a mold and then some features were done by hand. I would say late 20th century up to 21th century. Not sure if clay what is used it actually found and used in Yixing district. Clay for this pots comes from many places in recent times.

Chris winchester Nov 09, 17:28 UTC

Thank you for the appraisal. I have found a new hobby. You guys are great.

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