Westerwald jug

Oct 30, 2019. 15:34 UTC
Westerwald Jug

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Recently we purchased this item at a very high end estate sell. Most of the auction was for Chinese items, all went for very high values. This was grouped with some beer steins and she did pay a bit. Mold letters are I.E which would indicate 15th-16th century mold. Please send us an market appraisal.


Only know it was a wealthy collector, doctor whom spent time in China and Europe

Answered within 8 minutes
Oct 30, 15:41 UTC
By Morgan C

Fair Market Value

$500 - $2,500 USD

Insurance Value

$3,000 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Wayne,
Thank you for all the additional photos and information. Your jug is made out of stoneware with molded designs and has been glazed with cobalt blue salt glaze and is known as Westerwald stoneware. Westerwald is a region in Germany along the Rhine that was known for its high-quality stoneware production. While the piece is missing its metal lid, it is still in good condition with no visible signs of damage to the body. The cover presently accompanying the jug is a late 19th-century addition. The pitcher comes from the workshop of Ian/Jan Emenes Mennicken. The center of the vessel features the decorative Coat of Arms of the van Bassen family along with Mennickens initials, which he commonly used to mark his pieces. Jan Emenes Mennicken is credited for mastering the cobalt salt glaze process, which is the trademark for all Westerwald pieces. Based on recent price realizations for pieces similar to yours, a fair market value estimate would be between 500 and 2500 US dollars. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


This is a conditional appraisal, which means that we have not verified the authenticity of this item. Click here to learn more about the authentication resources that Mearto offers.
Wayne browning Oct 30, 16:00 UTC

yes where do inupload them?

Wayne browning Oct 30, 16:02 UTC

just uploaded the base photo the I.E. mark is contained on the crest on the jug just below the knight on a horse

Wayne browning Oct 30, 17:46 UTC

did you receive the new photos, i can add more if you wish..thanks

Morgan c Oct 30, 18:57 UTC

yes i did.. they are perfect!

Wayne browning Oct 30, 19:44 UTC

great...i can send more..think the lid is not the original..hope to hear back soon..there are holes where a pewtar lid was at one time thanks again

Wayne browning Oct 31, 13:31 UTC

can we expect some news soon...
anxious to hear back....thanks.

Morgan c Oct 31, 13:44 UTC

I was wondering about the top and was going to ask you about it. Can you send me a picture of the lid on the piece and also one of the holes where a pewter lid would have gone? Once I get those and I can confirm the authenticity, and I will have the appraisal ready. In the 19th century, there was a Rennaissance, so to say of 16th and 17th pieces of Stoneware. Thanks

Wayne browning Oct 31, 14:39 UTC

Just took some photos and will delet the old ones add the new....
the lid, which we only guess is not right as it has some wobble when sitting atop the jug..i see one hole in the handle it may be unrelated...just looking for idea on price...we may resale locally here and do not want to under or over charge anyone..market value sort of thing..suspect it maybe 19th century

Wayne browning Oct 31, 14:41 UTC

new photos are up...

Wayne browning Oct 31, 15:38 UTC

Thanks Morgan,,can't help but tell you my wife paid 2.00 for this as it was mixed in a larger lot of beer steins 9 steins 18 dollars, no one was bidding as all other items were Chinese collectibles..fantastic!!!

Morgan c Oct 31, 16:21 UTC

That is FANTASTIC! It is why auctions and collecting can be so addictive!! She did good!

Wayne browning Oct 31, 16:43 UTC

We'll be back should we stumble upon another item that needs this service..thank you

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