Tapestry from hungary

Mar 09, 2018. 17:45 UTC
Tapestry from Hungary
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Tapestry approximately 27.5 inches by 19 inches. Possibly some gold and silver threads, as well as beading. The main fabric appears to have been velvet.


My mother purchased this in Hungary in the 1960's. She was told that it was 600-800 years old and that the flowers were stitched with actual gold and silver thread. My mother gave it to me before her death.

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Mar 11, 13:03 UTC
By Klaus

Fair Market Value

$500 - $1,000 USD

Insurance Value

$1,500 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a fragment of an austro-hungarian catholic chasuble of the late 17th to mid 18th century, with a gilt and silver wire stumpwork embroidery, the red velvet nearly completely faded.The chasuble is the outermost liturgical vestment worn by clergy for the celebration of the Eucharist in Western-tradition Christian Churches that use full vestments, primarily in the Roman Catholic church. This would be the lower part of the cross on the back of the chasuble or kasel. The market for liturgical monastery stumpwork is rather small. The estimate is based on similar items sold or offered at auction. A serious collector might be willing to pay more if offered for a longer period of time.

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