Believed to be francis 1st. serving spoon and fork

Jun 11, 2018. 21:50 UTC
Believed to be  Francis 1st. Serving spoon and fork
United States of America

Sterling silver

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For sale

Sterling silver serving spoon and fork. Spoon is 9 and 1/4" long and fork is slightly longer. Spoon is 3 1/4" at widest point and fork is slightly wider.


Owned by my mother. Probably purchased at an antique store in New York City or California.

Answered within 16 minutes
Jun 11, 22:07 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$260 - $470 USD

Insurance Value

$730 USD
What does this mean?

This is a vintage early 20th century sterling silver large serving fork and spoon by the esteemed American silver company of Reed & Barton in their most opulent pattern known as Francis I. Reed & Barton was established in Taunton, Massachusetts Henry G. Reed and Charles E. Barton in 1824. They recently remained in business until 2015. The Francis I pattern was introduced in 1907. It is inspired by 16th century Renaissance designs, especially that of works designed by Benvenuto Cellini in that era. Sterling silver has a precious metal melt down value which fluctuates daily depending on the market. These do not appear to be monogrammed which does help with sale-ability. The estimate is for the pair together and is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

Nora curl Jun 11, 22:07 UTC

Please add clear, in-focus close-up images of the marks on the backside of the handle of this serving fork and spoon.

Taylor blanton Jun 11, 22:47 UTC

This is the best we can do. Hope you can read them. The marks are the same on each item: Sterling and the marks.

Taylor blanton Jun 11, 22:50 UTC

This is the best we can do. Hope you can read them. The marks are the same one each item: Sterling and the marks.

Nora curl Jun 11, 22:51 UTC

Unfortunately this image is not close-up enough nor is the photo large enough to use to see the mark. Presumably this is Reed & Barton.

Taylor blanton Jun 11, 23:05 UTC


Taylor blanton Jun 13, 22:20 UTC

Do the marks indicate the date? Were these pieces made in 1907 or later?

Nora curl Jun 13, 22:28 UTC

The marks do not indicate a date on it. The Francis I pattern was introduced in 1907 and continued to be made even past the 1950's. After 1950 the mark on these changed to the words Reed & Barton, which narrows the time frame of production of these to some time between 1907 - 1950.

Taylor blanton Jun 13, 22:50 UTC

Thanks. Can you please tell me what the marks are?

Nora curl Jun 13, 22:55 UTC

The mark is an eagle and a lion rampant flanking the letter R in a shield, which is the mark for the silver maker Reed & Barton

Taylor blanton Jun 13, 23:12 UTC

Thank you.

Nora curl Jun 13, 23:16 UTC

You are very welcome

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