Pyrography art

Jun 29, 2019. 21:57 UTC
Pyrography art
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I just purchased two pieces of Pyrography art They are Asian and signed one is 9x19 in and the other is 7x18 in I would appreciate any info you can give me Age,Chinese or Japanese etc. Thanks in advance they are both pictures that are burned into wood



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Jul 04, 06:19 UTC
By s.k. Breider

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€50 - €100 EUR

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€150 EUR
What does this mean?

Dear Steve,

Your artworks are made in China most likely second half 20th century up to 21th century. They are modern pieces. I take from you they are Pyrography art pieces. I think you are right but I cannot confirm 100%. Could be a print or a drawing with ink as well. The text is saying; live long and happy. This is consistent with the subject on the painting Shou lao; he is one of the immortals from Chinese mythology. Artwork is well done. The seal on the bottom mentions also the word immortal. My estimation is based on a hand made Pyrography art work or at least a drawing. If this happens to be a print price will not be that high. Price mentioned is for one art work.


Simon Breider

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