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Sep 02, 2020. 23:27 UTC
Oz Book Set
United States of America

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I have 21 Oz books from the early 1900's. All are in good condition. Each book is approximately 9.25" x 7". A previous owner signed her name on the "This Book Belongs To: page".


These books were inherited from a friend who inherited them in approximately 1990 from an elderly friend of hers.

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Sep 04, 08:14 UTC
By George

Fair Market Value

$100 - $300 USD

Insurance Value

$400 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Pam,

Thank you for your precious help and patience with this appraisal.

The presented object appears to be the book with the title "The New Wizard of Oz" by Frank Baumgart. It was published by the Bobbs-Merrill Co. in Indianapolis in the year 1903.
This piece is in good condition and there is no serious damage visible in the images provided.
A fair market estimation would be between 100 to 300 USD.
This estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparable items. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and may vary.

With kind regards,

Pam braun Sep 04, 21:03 UTC

Hi, Below is a list of the books that I have. They are all from Reilly & Lee Company, except The Wizard of Oz that is from The Bobbs-Merrill Company. (Sorry, I didn't realize there was an extra "non-Oz" book in the box.) Thanks.

The Wizard of Oz The Bobbs-Merrill Company 1903
The Land of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1904
Ozma of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1907
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1908
The Road to Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1909
The Emerald City of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1910
The Patchwork Girl of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1913
Tik-Tok of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1914
The Scarecrow of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1915
Rinkitink in Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1916
The Lost Princess of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1917
The Tin Woodman of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1918
The Magic of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1919
Glinda of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1920
The Royal Book of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1921
Kabumpo in Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1922
The Cowardly Lion of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1923
The Lost King of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1925
The Hungry Tiger of Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1926
The Gnome of King Oz The Reilly & Lee Co. 1927

George Oct 04, 15:15 UTC

Dear Pam,

thank you for the information and your patience.

The Wizard of Oz, The Bobbs-Merrill Company 1903 is the most expensive book of this convolute. Please upload some images of this book with the frontispiece and the color plates.

With kind regards,

Pam braun Oct 05, 19:39 UTC

Hi Georg,

There are no color plates.I've attached additional photos. Thank you.

Pam braun Oct 05, 19:40 UTC

I have added 9 additional photos, FYI

George Oct 06, 08:19 UTC

Dear Pam,

Thank you for the additional images. Sadly, our policies only allow me to appraise one object per request. There are other frontispieces uploaded. Please just upload the detailed images of the book: "The Wizard of Oz", The Bobbs-Merrill Company 1903. Thank you very much.

With kind regards,

Pam braun Oct 06, 16:55 UTC


I have removed the extra images. The remaining images are all from the Wizard of Oz 1903 that you requested. Thanks.

George Oct 09, 14:59 UTC

Dear Pam,

I am very sorry for this long procedure. The frontispiece has the title "The New Wizard of Oz" which is not congruent with the title on the cover "The Wizard of Oz".

All the best,

Pam braun Oct 15, 22:05 UTC

Hi Georg,

This is the book. I have found others on the web. The cover says The Wizard of Oz and the frontispiece states The New Wizard of Oz. Please see link below for the same book on Etsy:

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