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Aug 24, 2020. 02:43 UTC
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Volumes and editions: 1991 (Dec) 1992 (*March*April*July) 1993 (*Jan*March*April  **July**Dec) 1994 (*Jan*March*Aug*Sep*Dec) 1995 (*Jan*Feb*June*Dec) 1996 (Feb to July) 2001(Oct to Dec) 2002 (*June*Sept) 2003 (Jan & May) 2014 (March) *= Months missing from my collection **=Months with 2 copies Dimensions avg to 11 x 8.3 x 0.4 in.  I have not individually measured each one. Their appearance in color seems to be as vibrant as the day they were released, with very little to no discoloration. Usual browning one might see with magizenes of this age does not seem to be an issue within my collection. The bindings have minimal wear and tear on the left corners from rubbing causing some discoloration (white) but still legible; no major creases/folds along the bindings. Except for the December edition in 2001 where the front and back covers are still attached to one another but not the entire magizenes itself.  A few creases are present on the top/bottom right corners from being handled or accidently folded over. Centerfolds, advertisements, incerts, and pop-ups are still intact. I have the August 1993 edition with Pamela Anderson and Dan Aykroyd on the cover, and the original 1993 October cover featuring Seinfeld; both of which have sold well in past auctions. Anna Nicole Smith is one of the above centerfolds in great condition, I think of which might hold value/popularity at auction since, she is no longer alive, and is still very popular (just my attempt to show some understanding on how the values for magazines are determined).


It was given to me from a family member as a way to get back my joy for collecting. I gave up collecting anything after my coin collection was stolen from me; not once, but a second time after I had to already start over a lifetime of coin collecting from square 1.

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