Ming dynasty terracotta courtyard house

Apr 01, 2018. 07:17 UTC
Ming Dynasty Terracotta Courtyard house Item images 2f1522567190034 2swef25hiy1 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fside view top beijing courtyard ming dynasty mingqi house Item images 2f1522567190018 b7wf58m5897 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fming house measured Item images 2f1522567190010 0o6sv9nnvek 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fchinese ming dynasty beijing house screen Item images 2f1522567190026 y0tq5q76xb 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fside view entrance 2 beijing ming dynasty terracotta house Item images 2f1522567190014 ht3awmkr4ig 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fchinese ming dynasty entrance door Item images 2f1522567190002 t8j79y4bkzr 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fbase view part beijing quadrangle house Item images 2f1522567361474 pt6tiwksk9 676b498fff50513bd428b7dbb3f84e2a 2ffront view beijing siheyuan ming style house Item images 2f1522567189982 yv9kxqw6ur 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fback view chinese ming dynasty beijing house Item images 2f1522567190016 x2ntj3r73r 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fming dynasty terracotta beijing house Item images 2f1522567190038 qw1z3k06p6s 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fview from top chinese mingqi beijing courtyard ming dynasty house Item images 2f1522567189996 pb97sv4mo8g 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fbase view chinese ming dynasty entrance Item images 2f1522567190022 zkc5vzwzzl9 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fside two chinese ming dynasty beijing house screen Item images 2f1522567190032 ss472pttxl 1d40b2ff7581b94277e03bd969561e9c 2fside view front door ming dynasty beijing courtyard house

Asian art

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Terracotta - Height varying up to 31.5cm x Width 87cm x Depth: 63cm x Weight 44.35 kg.


Antique market Singapore 1972

Expert appraisals:
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$3,000 - $5,000 (Australian Dollar)
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Apr 02, 19:36 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a glazed terracotta funerary architectural model of a chinese house. Mingqi 明器 are burial artefacts made to ensure that the deceased can live the same kind of lifestyle in this part of his or her existence or nonexistence. Funerary objects were not very much favored at auctions recently, but this particular model of a traditional chinese house is quite extraordinary. If you can provide a provenance, it should possibly fetch the high estimate at auction.

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