Lady sitting by jeihan sukmantoro

Apr 16, 2018. 23:52 UTC
Lady Sitting by Jeihan Sukmantoro

Modern art

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Oil on canvas by Jeihan Sukmantoro created in 1989. Measures 110cmx90cm with some chips of paintings due to age and unsatisfactory upkeep. Signed and dated.


Bought in Bandung from a artist dealer in 2016, brought to kuala lumpur.

Answered within about 8 hours
Apr 17, 08:13 UTC
By Klaus
Presumably not genuine

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be from the same workshop as some of the other paintings I saw previously, but not from Jeihan Sukmantoro for a number of reasons. This appears to be a fake, which has no value of course. You should return it to the seller.

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