Knight death and the devil

Aug 06, 2022. 17:42 UTC
Knight death and the devil
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This Albrect Durer is possibly a later engraving done by his friends after his death. The year on the frame tag reads y1583


Dimensions: Sheet: 9 13/16 x 7 11/16 in. (25 x 19.6 cm) Plate: 9 9/16 x 7 3/8 in. (24.3 x 18.8 cm)


Its was acquired from a family member who went to college in boston is the 1970's. He opened his own frame shop called " The framery" in Rockport MA and by the looks of the frame restored the original frame created by Williams and Everett. He in turn gave the engraving to my grandmother who before she passed gave to my mother. My mother then gave to me , as I was moving to a new home and didnt have anything. No one knew who or what this was until I researched and discovered what this could possibly be. I have researched , took to a few antique shops and no one can tell me what I have. I have not taken out of the frame, and as far as I know it has left the frame since the 70s .

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