Jambu merah 1 (red guava1)

Feb 22, 2018. 02:14 UTC
Jambu Merah 1 (Red Guava1)

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A painting in oil on canvas by Dulah, an Indonesian artist from Jogjakarta. This is one of a number of paintings on red and green guavas. Dulah is known for his realist approach to painting, majority being still life and potraits. This painting measures75cmx55cm and carry Dulah signature on bottom left. The painting was made in 1981.


This painting was kept for along while from early 1980s in Jogjakarta by the first owner and brought to Bandung by Mr Herru Prayogo, an artist and dealer in 2017, the year when i acquired it.

Answered within about 3 hours
Feb 22, 05:30 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace

Fair Market Value

$6,000 - $8,800 USD

Insurance Value

$14,800 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Robani - You have a fascinating collection, and this piece is no exception. Dullah (1919 - 1996) is a skilled and versatile artist, there are quite a few of Dullah's naturalistic still life paintings depicting flora and a few specifically depicting jambu which have been sold on the International art market and which are comparable to yours. The range is wide, between $2500USD and $8800USD. In general, the denser the composition, the higher the price, yours would be considered one, of not the most complex composition of jambu by Dullah to be offered on the market in some time, so I lean towards the higher end of the estimate.

Thank you for the submission and have a fantastic day.



Robani mohd hata Feb 22, 06:03 UTC

Thank you Erin so much for the appraisal. although i thought the value is abi much higher given it is by an internationally respected artist, nonetheless i am still satusfied with the value given, thanks again.

Erin-marie wallace Feb 22, 06:09 UTC

You are quite welcome... I must admit that I expected Dullah's average numbers to be a tad higher as well but and was surprised when the research revealed that auction hammer prices ever see the other side of $10KUSD. The work is very strong and the fine art market changes so quickly; my thought is as soon as Dullah has an exhibition at a reputable museum/gallery/ etc., I'd expect the values to inch higher because good work by known artists usually goes up.
Your satisfaction is important to me so if you have any additional comments, just ask.


Erin-Marie @Rare-Era

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