Jade statue

Feb 11, 2019. 20:29 UTC
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United States of America


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It's a small Jade statue of a man not sure who the man is


From Wayne Siddens antique shops in Sylvania Ohio as a gift

$10 - $20 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 19 minutes
Feb 11, 20:48 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a second half 20th century small bowenite carving of Shoulao. The prominent cranium similar to a peach identifies this figure as the God of Longevity. He holds a peach, a symbol of long life. This was a thoughtful gift and I assume the sentimental value to you is mucht higher than the current market value.

Michael orth Feb 11, 21:08 UTC

Yes I can sorry about that

Michael orth Feb 11, 21:13 UTC

I hope these are better quality

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