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Dec 29, 2018. 03:08 UTC
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It’s a silver tea pot. It’s from the king of Italy. It has decorative ivory on the handle


My ex mother in-law gave to me while visiting from Italy. It was a gift.

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Dec 30, 22:39 UTC
By Klaus

Fair Market Value

$250 - $400 USD

Insurance Value

$650 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a french silver plated teapot manufactured by Christofle, according to the hallmarks in the period of 1862-1935, judging from the design possibly around 1900. Christofle is the leading french manufacturer of silverplated flatware, cutlery, teapots, trays and the like. The teapot in your possession has suffered a few dents which adversely affect the current market value. The coat of arms might refer to Margherita of Savoy. This connection should be confirmed by some documents.
The estimate is based on similar items sold at auction recently. There is no measurement for the sentimental value you might attach to the item.

Steven hoeppner Jan 02, 20:38 UTC

It does have a coat of arms! I need to polish it though to be seen. I was afraid to do anything to it.

Steven hoeppner Jan 02, 21:21 UTC

Does this add value?

Klaus Feb 14, 23:38 UTC

You can have it re-plated or the plating renewed if it means so much to you. Unfortunately I don´t find a perfect match for the monogram. I assume Margherita of Savoy could be possible ( Magherita Regina?).

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